Number three: Chicago, IL 

Woke at 7:45 a.m. Lynn had been attempting to wake me for 30 minutes. Lynn is gentle about waking me even though she hates mornings. Once I am awake she lets the "hate morning" mode show through. I like mornings; once awake.
Commonly, I dream in vivid color. Last night I had such a dream. I don’t recall the details. That’s commonly the case. This morning, I didn’t shower. I was running late. I did make breakfast; egg, bagel, bacon and coffee. I left the house at 8:15 a.m. I was at the van by 8:30. Brad needed coffee so we stopped by the coffee shop with the morning girls who smile at all their customers. Afterward, Brad and I discussed the merits of greeting morning clients with a smile and sense of genuine happiness. At the warehouse, four day-labors were waiting.
They were the same four that have been with us since Friday. They are beginning to get a sense of how things work. Brad or I are always late because we are always getting coffee.
Each morning is the same routine:We stop at the coffee shop after meeting at the van.
One of us is always ten minutes late to the van and we are always twenty minutes late at the warehouse.

Such is our standard and as such I always know when one of the day labors owns a cellular phone. If a day-laborer has a phone they always call the staffing office one minute past the time I was to be there. Five minutes later a call comes into my cell asking where I am.

Regardless, they get paid. It’s not their fault I’m twenty minutes late.So, today was a late day. The four laborers were waiting but the man with the keys was no where to be found.
No Keys? We continued to wait. From there the day was bland and best ignored.


Number Two – Dateline: Chicago, IL 

Woke at 7:50
Lynn showered while I dressed
Left apartment shortly after 8:10am
Stopped by nation-wide donut/bagel shop for coffee and bagel with sausage and cheese
Drove remaining two minutes to parking lot where van is kept
Brad drove up to van at 8:35am
While attempting to leave parking lot, van got stuck in snow bank
Ten minutes later drove van out of parking lot
Stopped by nation-wide donut/bagel shop, Brad needed a coffee

Arrived at warehouse
Near the front warehouse door the drainage pipes had frozen and backed up
Large icicles where hanging from the door frame
I broke the icicles
Four day laborers were waiting for us inside the warehouse
Pablo, keeper of warehouse keys, was not on site.
Keys are necessary to open the gate to the space Brad and I work in
It was thirty minutes before the keys made their way to the gate

The second FOURTY-FOOT container in four days arrived an hour later
Six of us unloaded the container in four hours

Brad and I dismissed the day labors at 1:00pm
Before they were dismissed I asked them to return at 9:00am tomorrow morning

Brad and I discussed, for one hour, better means of photographing inventory.
We came to no conclusions
We left for lunch

Lunch was at a major fast food restaurant
I ate a chicken baguette while Brad had a bacon Swiss burger
I almost did not eat lunch at the major fast food restaurant
The major fast food restaurant has sold its parking lot to a security company which places a “Denver boot” on the tires of cars whose owners venture "off the premises for any reason"
This I know because the very round security guard standing in the parking lot is someone who booted my truck eight months earlier when I parked in the parking lot on another major fast food restaurant’s parking lot. I walked into a cash exchange, located 10 feet from the restaurant, for laundry change before getting a burger.
It cost me $110.00 to leave the parking lot that day
It was the same round individual who was in the parking lot of the major fast food restaurant today
I was angry

Later, brad and I picked up six drop clothes that were in my apartment
My apartment is near the major fast food restaurant
I made tea
Marry, the oldest of the three cats, had managed to get into the kitchen cabinets
Had I not come home she would have been in the cabinets for 8 hours
As it was, she was underneath the kitchen sink for 6 hours
Marry hid under the bed as soon as I opened the cabinet

Brad and I returned to work
Brad and I spoke with Greg for thirty minutes
Greg would like me to replace the ventilation in the refinishing room

Left work at 4:00pm

Arrived home
Drank bourbon and ate snack
Wrote email
Reviewed notes
Made dinner for Lynn and Myself
Watched TV
Wrote daily notes


Number One - The Day In Review: 

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
On Background: spending the weekend at the house of Lynn’s parents. Lynn and I have spent most recent weekends at her parents meeting with photographers, florists, location coordinators and other people necessary to prepare for a wedding.

Lynn woke me at 10:00am
May have been having nightmares
Head was thick from several beers at dinner and a stiff portion of cognac before bed

Ate egg, hash-brown and sausage casserole while drinking coffee
Learned that the egg, hash-brown and sausage casserole was the first of its kind attempted by Mrs. Barnett
Mrs. Barnett referred to breakfast as satisfying
Breakfast was good

With Lynn and her mother, reviewed wording for wedding invitations

Drank more coffee
Showered in a blue bathroom
Achieved the clouds and rain
Dressed in tan slacks, blue shirt and warm socks

Went with Lynn and Parents to try on tuxedos at nation-wide tuxedo sales and rental store
Selected formal “Cut-away” style for attire of groom’s party
Ate lunch at sandwich shop with nation-wide presence
Returned to Lynn’s parents home

Discussed with Dr. Barnett pros and cons of shoe rental as compared with shoe purchase
Researched on-line, with Dr. Barnett, formal shoes available through major nation-wide departments stores
Decided to rent shoes from before mentioned nation-wide tuxedo sales and rental company
Learned that Dr. Barnett has, since youth, envied those who owned patented-leather, oxford dress shoes

Dr. Barnett made a fire in the fireplace
Read from thick book while sitting in chair in front of fireplace
Attempted to avoid Lynn and Mrs. Barnett discussing financial aspects of wedding photographers and florists
Read article on sailing in the doldrums

Drank coffee
Loaded car
Said good bye for now
Drove back to Chicago
Purchased three tv-dinners, two boxes of cat food and one bottle of Bourbon
Arrived home
Ate dinner
Watch TV
Drank bourbon
Wrote notes on day

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